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Default Re: Scoliosis Consultants in USA, Canada and Australia

I am surprised that I have not seen my husbands doctor here

Dr Lawrence Lenke
Washington University Severe Spine center
St. Louis

I know he is very prominent, but I also know he only takes the worst cases. All the Ortho doctors in GA turned my husband away because he was too severe, then one gave him a list of 3 surgeons that deal with severe cases and Dr. Lenke was the closest to home. With Dr. Lenke you have to show documentation of how severe your scoliosis is before they will even make an appointment, so maybe that is why there are not as many people on here. He seems very receptive up until now but surgery is not until Monday so we will see. He is under serious demand so you can assume you will need to wait 6 months to a year before surgery.
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