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Default Re: Randomized study on bracing shows effectiveness

Thanks for that, Hduggan. I can't say that I am surprised, to be honest! Morningstar was a director of the "Pettibon Biomechanical Institute" which was a precursor of CLEAR.

You may be interested to know that Morningstar, Stitzel (former director of the CLEAR Institute), Elmer (co-inventor of the Tornadosuit and Pettibon practitioner), Dovorany (former lead instructor at the CLEAR Institute), and Siddiqui ("Dr Sid", CLEAR Institute chiro) have set up the "International Scoliosis Chiropractic Board", which is intended to promote the treatments that they have devised. It appears that they are all distancing themselves from the CLEAR and Pettibon names, but are now offering the same treatments under various new names including "ScoliSMART", "Scoliosis Boot Camp", and "ARC-3D". The Tornadosuit also appears to be offered under the name of "Scoliosis Activity Suit".
37 years old, diagnosed with infantile idiopathic scoliosis at 6 months old with curves of 62(T) and 40(L) degrees. Casting and Milwaukee braces until surgery at 10 - ant release/pos fusion T1-T12, halo traction. Post op cast and then TLSO. Further surgery at 18 (ant release/pos fusion extended to L3 to include lumbar curve, costoplasty) and 25 (another costoplasty). Fusion extended to L4 at 33 (XLIF with 4 pedicle screws and two short rods). Pre-op curves: 76(T) and 70(L). Post-op curves: 45(T) and 35(L). Diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome aged 34; scoliosis almost certainly due to this rather than being idiopathic.
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