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Default Re: Randomized study on bracing shows effectiveness

Well, I didn't write the ISICO people for their thoughts on the Tornado suit, but I did find this comment from them to someone else asking about it. Please excuse Google's very bad translation from the Italian!

"reproduce below in his own words: "the continuing search for viable solutions and scientifically valid for the treatment of scoliosis ..."
ISICO is continually looking for solution valid, scientifically proven for the treatment of scoliosis, there are currently no scientific publications that demonstrate the effectiveness of this corset, so we can not make a judgment about it. The currently available literature tells us that the corsets worn part-time, or less than 18 hours a day, are not effective, so the fact that this corset is declared effective by indossamenti of 6 hours a day, raises some concerns. Know that we too do not mind specialists prescribe corsets part-time, especially to small children like her daughter!
As written in other posts, browsing the internet offers great opportunities for information and updates, even for non-experts, but has many pitfalls often, sometimes to achieve business objectives is exploited the fragility of the parents, relying on their own desperation of a parent who is unable to accept the harsh prescription of a rigid corset for her child, I sailed a bit 'on the site from she linked, are not explained the mode of operation of the corset, or the theory of biomechanics remedy proposed by the inventors of the corset, there is only materials relating to the courses and how to have this kind of corset, these aspects, they do but my skepticism.
I greet you cordially "

I don't understand every sentence, but I think I'd say that's a big thumbs down from the folks at ISICO Basically, they think no brace is effective if it's worn for less than 18 hours a day, there are no scientific studies to support it, and the developer does not explain the mode of operation of the biomechanics behind it.

I particularly liked their caution "sometimes to achieve business objectives is exploited the fragility of the parents"

I couldn't have said it better myself.
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