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Default Re: Randomized study on bracing shows effectiveness

Yeah, the Milwaukee is what my son would have had to wear, if they'd found his curve earlier, because it was too high to be touched by any other brace. He used to have panic attacks about getting a deep breath, even without a brace, so I don't think he would have made it through that.

I'm pretty CLEAR-avoidant too. I find their scare tactics about surgery really beyond the pale. We had some poor woman show up on NSF who had a kid with a largish curve (I think it was in the 40s, maybe, even after the CLEAR treatment) and some other medical issues as well, who'd been terrified out of ever considering surgery. That's just a really bad place to be in to have a kid who actually needs surgery (or who probably will need surgery) and to have a medical professional convince you that surgery will kill/paralyze/etc them. That's an inexcusable thing for a medical professional to do to a parent.

I'll let you know what/if I hear back from them.
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