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Default Re: Randomized study on bracing shows effectiveness

Originally Posted by tonibunny View Post
That sounds like the Spinecor brace. I think it's a little difficult to find independent peer-reviewed studies about this brace though, as a lot of the info about it comes from the designers/stakeholders. I've heard mixed reports about its success, but most people do agree it's a lot more comfy to wear than a hard plastic TLSO.
I don't think it's a spinecor, but it might be similar - it's something called a tornado suit.

It came through yesterday in my google feed from some PR link and, although the PR piece mentioned research, I can't find any link to back it up. Here's the PR piece

Without any evidence, I'm pretty wary, but I'll try writing to Dr. Morningstar and see if he can provide any more info. It just seems odd that any brace-like thing would 1) reduce a curve and 2) do anything at all when only worn for 1 to 6 hours.
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