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Default Re: Randomized study on bracing shows effectiveness

Originally Posted by Smartie View Post
I know from also having teenage daughters, that bracing wouldn't be a great journey for everyone as William has made life a lot easier with how he is adapting to it all being so young.
I'm glad to hear you son is adjusting so well to the brace. I had a friend who had polio quite young, and she talked about how happy she was when she got crutches made for her. And, how surprised she was at older kids who would throw their crutches against the wall. For her, the crutches were an improvement over life without them. But for them, they were a sign that they were losing something.

My son also has congenital scoliosis/kyphosis - although it didn't become noticeable until he was a teenager - and his top curve is also really stiff. Because he was so old at diagnosis, he sort of missed the normal surgery window, but fortunately his curve seems stable so he has time to figure out how he wants to proceed.

Best to you and your son.
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