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Default Re: Pictures of my back, the psychological and physical pain of living with kyphosis

Originally Posted by mark View Post
Good luck tomorrow Alex, I hope they can sort out your feet problem, what is the treatment for this condition
Thank you Mark and excuse me for my late answer
The exam spotlighet a severe braking of legs and feet nervous trasmissions. This neurological problem is given by diabetes. My next visit with my diabetologist will be in december and i'll talk about this problem with him.
This morning i did a visit in one of the most important orthopaedic Istitute in Italy. Prematurely i did total spine x-ray in 2 projections.
Medical report diagnoses a severe thoracic hyperkyphosis of 85 degrees with surgical indication, but surgery could have very severe riskes for me, having diabetes, severe hypertension and progress osteopenie. More important riskes could be spine infections and embolism. So the surgeon advises are to continue with rehabilitation therapy and physiotherapy.
Thanks to everyone for your care.
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