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Default Re: Randomized study on bracing shows effectiveness

My son William is 2 years old and has congenital scoliosis. He will need surgery, but they are hoping to wait until he's at least 4 years old. Meanwhile he is wearing a brace 23 hours a day. We have been told that his top curve which is 48 degrees and is a rigid curve, will not improve with bracing, but will hopefully stop it getting worse before surgery is needed. His bottom curve is flexible and we are hoping for a 50% improvement with wearing the brace. He has only been wearing it since May and we can see the difference already as his rib hump doesn't look so prominent and he is standing up straighter. As before, he looked like he was bending forward. As he is very young, we have had no problems getting him to wear it, actually he tries to put it back on when we give him an hour break from it!!! Plus it has lovely pictures of cars and tractors and trucks, so he loves wearing it. Reading your experiences and also perhaps knowing that bracing can help, is really what any parent wants to know. I know from also having teenage daughters, that bracing wouldn't be a great journey for everyone as William has made life a lot easier with how he is adapting to it all being so young.
Sue x
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