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Default Re: Scoliosis Consultants in USA, Canada and Australia

Dr. D'Astous
Shriner's Hospital for Children
Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
hip hump: age 11/Diagnosis age:14/Current:15/ left thoracolumbar T10-L4 42* caused sideways & anterior pelvic tilt, right upper thoracic compensatory 25*, caused loss of kyphosis, which caused Forward Head Posture 2" forward. Doctors disagree, if congenital, caused by L5 hemi, or idiopathic.
As owners of their bodies, people have more control than they think. I'm tired of surrendering on exam tables and pleading to doctors, "fix me". Do my best with what I can. Face the fact that I can't do everything. Let the doctors do it. People have so much potential in their aching bones, I see it in them, I see it in me. I want to set us free. Even if I become fused, I will stand by that.
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