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Hang in there. Wait for the specialist tells you what he thinks. By the way just so you know I would kill for the spine you have now. My is triple twisted and quite pronounced. It is disgusting so I just don't look at it. People say rude crap in public and I heard it all when I was younger. Do you suppose those idiots think we are hunchbacked and deaf? It is abundately clear they are ignorant and ugly in their own way. I occaisionally will tell them so by saying that my ugly is all in my bones while their ugly has consumed their brain and soul.
I am 61 years old and the resident SSO fossil. I live in Oklahoma,USA with my husband Allen. We have one daughter Jae and she has three kids.Our grandkids are: Aidan is8. He's the one pictured in my current avatar. Jenna Jean is 7 and Ryan Allen is just 4 It's full time chaos here! I was diagnosed in 1965 at 14 years with Kyphoscoliosis and 2 curves measuring 68 and 63 degrees. My last measurements were in 2004 at 155, 88 and 55+ degrees. I have never had surgery or bracing so I now am on full time oxygen and use a Non Invasive Ventilator at night. at night.
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