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Yes storm nhs is national health service. Wow never before have I been told I look in damn great shape so thank you. at school I was always very skinny, as much as I ate I could never put on weight. My ex-wife used to complain constantly asking me to go to the gym and put on weight, but even when I did I just ended up with even worse back pain so would give up after a few months. If I am below 80 degrees then I guess that rules me out for surgery on nhs. My back hurts like hell, I've been working hard to correct my posture, walk tall, started yoga, but walking in an unnatural posture as opposed to head down, avoiding eye contact, seems to make things worse. My wife seems to think my posture has improved though but is it really healthy taking painkillers every day for the rest of my life? One idea I did have if the nhs said no was to travel to india where thresholds are much lower and uk trained spinal surgeons will be more likely to agree to operate. Do you know of anyone who has done this?
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