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Hi guys. Nice to meet you. Storm, I can't remember what I measured 20 years ago, it was over 50 but certainly was below 70, I know that. My first specialist said it was relatively mild compared to some of the patients he saw..IMy main problem as a teenager was dealing with the way others reacted to it rather than the physical effects., I didn't handle all the negative comments and became very withdrawn, lost confidence. In england if you're male and ginger then you're guaranteed to be given a hard time at school, I think kids think having ginger hair is like some kind of disease, pretty pathetic really, and when you combined that with my back then I was always going to be targetted. I started to see the world through *hit coloured glasses instead of rose tinted spectacles as I know I should.I'll post a picture later so you can all see how it looks now. I haven't looked at my spine in a long time so I don't know how bad it actually is, hopefully you can let me know. I also get some pain in my neck and since I was a teenager I've had frequent muscle spasms in my legs that often interrupt my sleep, not sure if this is related. In 2010 and 2011 I had multiple abscesses on and off for 9 months covering my arms, legs, stomach and butt. I had to have surgery twice and contracted mrsa while in hospital the second time. I missed six weeks of work and I hate taking even a day off. Has anyone else had this problem? Doctors couldn't tell me why it was happening, my best guess is it was stress related.
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