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My kyphosis was only 75 degrees, but there is a lower threshold for kyphotic curves that are abnormally low in the thoracic/upper lumbar spine, as mine (and Dave's, I believe) were.

You should definitely have your curve measured. Chances are that if people besides yourself are noticing something wrong and you've shrunk an inch, you might be into what's considered "surgical candidate" territory now.

Also, here's a link to all my spine-related images I've put on these forums. It can give you a visual idea of how things look before and after surgery (at least for me):
22 year old male from Oklahoma, USA
T4-L2 fusion completed November 5th, 2012
Pre-op: Thoracolumbar Scheuermann's kyphosis (75) and left thoracolumbar scoliosis (25)
Post-op: Normal kyphosis (39) and scoliosis too small to bother measuring
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