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My curve was high 70s. I'm the Wikipedia kyphosis image. My corrected curve is something like 37. So you can get an idea of the curve...interestingly I didn't grow too much but this is because I had a low curve and I had a big lordosis curve before surgery. So mine was less cosmetic and more pain. Before surgery it was hard to notice unless I was bending...however the pain was bad. However now I am pain free. Last time I took anything for pain was literally months ago. I work out 5x a week...big boy stuff, weights and all machines with 150lb+ resistance and I have no issues. Just have to be careful. In my opinion the only real thing I minimize is running. Though you can do doesn't seem like the best idea..however running isn't a very good idea for anyone to be honest. Resistance is way better for the body to learn how to handle physical challenge. Anyway get ready for ups and downs...the recovery is not fun but you deal. I lost a ton of weight following surgery. You will be im typing this i can remember the fatigue!! But im convinced my mental attitude combined with my extremely regimented workout routine is the reason my back is doing so well. I will take a picture of my back on my 2 year date. I think you will be very impressed. Let me know if you have any questions!
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