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Hiya Chris,
You're right they're not alone and surgery is not for 'extreme' cases so to speak any more, it's for cases above a certain threshold with cases dealt with with discretion regarding pain and mental affect etc., It is the same for scoliosis, I just passed the boundary for surgery but due to my worsening pain and how much I hated my rib hump (I almost appeared to have kyphosis) I had the surgery exactly 3 months later - the NHS is a lot better.

As Gilly said I'd put money on Manchester but you could always travel a bit to other hospitals.

I'm Tiff, I'm 17, my consultant's Mr Gibson at RNOH Stanmore and I was diagnosed in November 2011 and I had my spinal fusion October 3rd 2012 and am now fused T2-T11 with amazing correction (60T/40L to 30T/40L).
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