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Default Re: Your First Experience of Hospital

1) dont make a bargain with the doctors,, it never happens mine was if you take part in this medical exam for these med students then we will get you a small room or private one after your surgery - never happened ended up on a 12 berth with elderly patients screaming for babies at the age of 14!!

2) when you take your showers be it first or second time do NOT let the nurse leave you!!! I passed out had to hit buzzer and a male nurse came (14 years old at the time and a girl!!)

3) ask questions!! No question is a silly one

4) if you are young fight for your mum or dad to stay with you (if they can and you want them too) I recovered so much better as my mum was there giving me water helping me when the nurses couldnt come so quick etc

5) as for anti sickness meds definately

6) as soon as you can eat, eat prunes to help your bowels! mine wouldnt function at all and i had to stay longer till i could go properly!! was hell!!
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