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Default Re: Your First Experience of Hospital

Well I've had two fractures before but this is v.different. The night before was the worst I was told I wasn't allowed any sort of sleeping pill so didn't sleep a great deal but afterwards it was plain sailing. I actually loved being in hospital I was in for 5 days and honestly used nothing I used my phone and that was about it apart from my mum's iPad (she sent mine home cos I didn't use it) like three times to check facebook properly and we watched the TV in my bay a bit because that was the way I liked to face but I never paid attention and don't remember what was on it haha.

I found my v pillow useful in hospital and I liked to lie on my sides most and they made me have a pillow between my legs for pressure sores and the v pillow was just the right angle and length for my legs
I'm Tiff, I'm 17, my consultant's Mr Gibson at RNOH Stanmore and I was diagnosed in November 2011 and I had my spinal fusion October 3rd 2012 and am now fused T2-T11 with amazing correction (60T/40L to 30T/40L).
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