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Default Re: Certified Schroth Practitioners around the world

Hi Im a final year Irish student studying Osteopathy in London. I am seeing an ever increasing number of patients with functional and structural scoliosis coming into our clinic each week. However I feel our treatment and advise isnt very strong. Basically we are told to stretch the short side and de rotate the other side, I follow this up with stretches as seen in this clip

However Im sure there are lots of people here who could advise me on other or even better ways to improve a structural scoliosis be it exercises given or techniques performed on you by therapists.

I have heard the Schroth Method of Management of Scoliosis is very good but cannot combine my own study with the time it takes to complete that course, so any info on it is greatly welcomes.

Thanks for any help on this and I'll let you know how I get on !
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