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Default Re: Certified Schroth Practitioners around the world

I was trained in Schroth PT when I was 13 years old and was braced for over 5 years in conjunction with it. I am a HUGE advocate of the therapy, but I think its important to stress that if bracing is suggested, the therapy does work best for higher curves in conjunction with a brace. the PT alone is not going to halt progression in most cases. The Schroth method helps patients align their body to a more natural position that ties into their specific curves. Even 5 years out of brace I still apply Schroth principles in my daily life. Its a wonderful way to make a patient feel much more progressive about treatment. Bracing can feel very passive and I know I felt like I wanted to do more. Schroth was a way for me to focus my energy into something very tangible that helped me not only in brace but out as well! Good luck to your daughter! PM or email me if you have more questions. I'm in the DC area and have worked with young patients before both in person and via email.
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