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Default Re: Scoliosis SOS Clinic, Suffolk, Ipswich

Originally Posted by mark View Post

no amount of exercise could ever remotely hope to reduce the size of my curve.

sometimes i get frustrated when i read about how wonderful these clinics are and how bad surgical intervention is.

It almost like i am being made to feel seedy or dirty in some way for having had a surgical intervention.

If this clinic can perform miracles then why is the NHS not banging its door door to refer us sufferers

If this helps sufferers then great thats fantastic i have no problems with it but the misinformation that is put out about surgical intervention needs addressing and scaremongering about surgery is unhelpful (not that i am accussing you of this) i am talking here generally about stuff i have read here and on other websites

Dear Mark,

I certainly would never, never judge you or anyone else who opts for surgery, especially when their curve is really severe. And I do not see you or anyone who does have surgery as seedy, dirty, or second-rate in any way at all. God forbid! That thought never even crossed my mind!

I can only speak for my daughter's situation, as she was so dead set against even contemplating surgery, which was what she had been told was the only solution for her, and was getting panicky and depressed at the thought of it, that I was mighty relieved to find a solution which suited her and her situation.

The Scoliosis SOS clinic has never ever claimed that her back could be completely returned to normal, and they do stress how important it is to keep doing the exercises regularly and on a long-term basis, which is no worse than someone who has a chronic illness, and has to be resigned to taking medication for many years.

What is important is to find a treatment which suits each individual situation, reduces pain and allows people to lead a full life, isn't it?

I have a cousin in West Sussex whose daughter has scoliosis, and while she was interested to hear about my daughter's treatment, she and her daughter are quite satisfied with the brace she has to wear, and with the prospect that she might eventually need to have an operation. We can share our experiences without feeling judged or pressured into doing likewise.

Be at peace, dear Mark, and have a wonderful day!

Kind regards
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