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Default Re: Scoliosis SOS Clinic, Suffolk, Ipswich


I didn't get offended at the post, i guess you didn't realise the thread was a year old, i linked you to that post so you could see how surgery sometimes is the only option, no amount of exercise could ever remotely hope to reduce the size of my curve

sometimes i get frustrated when i read about how wonderful these clinics are and how bad surgical intervention is.

It almost like i am being made to feel seedy or dirty in some way for having had a surgical intervention.

If this clinic can perform miracles then why is the NHS not banging its door door to refer us sufferers

If this helps sufferers then great thats fantastic i have no problems with it but the misinformation that is put out about surgical intervention needs addressing and scaremongering about surgery is unhelpful (not that i am accussing you of this) i am talking here generally about stuff i have read here and on other websites

take care

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