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Default Re: Your First Experience of Hospital

I remember my time being admited to hospital it was all so new and very daunting when your young,i would hear people scream in pain and it kinda made me think twice!,

as for sleeping tablets for being nervous i wasnt at all,the surgeon asked me if i had any questions if anything was bothering me to which i asked "Do they leave the light on at night?"as thats all that scared me silly really but he laughed so much and i felt silly !!

but i felt more relaxed when he said yes dont worry there is light at night,premed was given automaticaly to all patients in the morning just an hour or so before surgery,i just slept after and waited for my turn to come,

i had a mask to knock me out my choice as they asked needle or mask,then i had a mask coming round afterwards,pain killing injections were injected direct into spine not a nice experience! but worked well as pain just faded moments after having it done,

all went well until days later i suffered serious complications and almost died,my consultant was crying and panicking by my bed all surgeons came along too and all nurses what a chaos,then its all blank until i woke up from a very deep unconciousness,

i felt so rough but it turned out my consultant had been my nurse for days and cancelling operations as he didnt want to leave my side,he didnt look to good after he was shaking and told me i almost died this scared him witless!

and days later we had a celeb visit the hospital the one and only Ken Dodd,he was so chatty with me and was such fun a real boost,but my hospital stay was so strange but at least i met Ken Dodd! i had surgery at Agnes Hunt orthapaedic hospital,Gobowen, Oswestry, not choices with meds at all and all of us had to have what we were given,nobody wanted to speak up but many should have done.
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