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Default Re: Insertion of growth rod

They are completely amazing, I am so proud of Oliver and how he has dealt with everything. Poor show of the LEA and they should have bank of school teachers ready to step in for the many number of children that are unable to attend school. If you are going to home school yourself then have a meeting with Jessie's teacher next week. Ollie's maths teacher set his maths work for the week so it was all in line with the rest of the class (same for literacy). I used to collect it on a monday and he came in to say hello to his friends and then take it back the following week and collected more. I have to say that he has improved greatly on the one-to-one work. We also laid in bed and read lots of books which has really improved his reading and enjoyment of it. As I said, the BBC websites do some great key stage work which is also fun. The typing practice is great!. Lots of free museums for when Jessie is feeling up to it, and being in term time should be nice and quiet. I also sent an email to all my friends asking for recommendations of places to visit which was great. Stana dont put lots of pressure on yourself, Jessie will catch up if she misses anything. Also when you condense the amount of actual work they do at school then an hour a day is about right, Ollies teacher told me this! Enjoy the time off together, I really have and feel quite sad about returning to work and Ollie returning to school but glad we are on to the next stage. The time off together had been wonderful and I have loved learning with him and reading books and just standing still for five mintues as we are normally rushing around everywhere, it does go by very quickly. GOS did not do any refereal for us but Ollies school was very good and the SENCO lady there arranged all that I needed. I called the community OT last week and asked her to visit Ollie at school next week to make sure that he is supported back in the classroom and able to get around the school safely. Make sure you get some rest as you also need to recover from the last few weeks, stress takes its toll on us parents. Please let me know if I can help in anyway with anything. The support on SS is amazing and been wonderful for me and Ollie receiving support from other parents in the same postion. Wishing you all the best. x
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