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Default Re: Insertion of growth rod


I spoken to LEA today and they told me that GOSH should have written a referral for Jessie's home tuition but it seems that they didn't so she wrote an email to the Islington Home School team about Jessie today but she thinks that these things take a long time and Jessie might not get help in time.

I will definitely do the home education with Jessie and I am actually looking forward to it now as I always did some work with her at home - I just need to learn to be more patient with her and not expect her to know it all straight away ;-) I actually think she might even learn more with me than at school

I will speak to Jessie's school as they actually have the hydrotherapy pool as they have 80 special needs children as they are 3 school together - primary, early learning and special needs children.

Jessie seems pretty good at the moment - she walk around the house like nothing happened ;-)

Our children are simply amazing, aren't they?

Thank you for all your inputs.

Stana x
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