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Default Re: What to take to hospital - suggestions please!

Just wanted to add to the list. I am definitely taking good quality tea and coffee with me in the hospital as the cheap hospital one makes me sick especially when I have lots of it and I need lots of it when I am in the hospital.
I am also taking my own mug, Jessie's Peter Rabbit plates and mug ;-) to make her feel more homely and sometimes they run out of plates and cups.
Also since being in the hospital quite a lot in the past few weeks, I am kind of getting tired of Mother's pride wholemeal bread so will be bringing some nice organic one for Jessie.
I am also considering taking my own duvet and pillows plus Jessie's horse bed linen as the hospital blankes are not warm enough with the airconditioning on all night.
I might add some more tomorrow as I prepare for Jessie's big day.
Stana xxx
PS: I am also bringing my IQ tests book - that keeps my brain working when closed in one room for longer period of time ;-)

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