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I actually can't remember! It seems like I joined such a long time ago, but in reality it was less than 2 years ago! Google sounds likely though

I was so ignorant about a lot of things to do with my spine before I found this place - all I had were my medical notes, which didn't make a lot of sense to me, so this forum really did help to 'enlighten' me!
I'm Sally, 31, and I have congenital kyphoscoliosis in association with Spina Bifida, Diastematomyelia and tethered cord. Surgery to detether spinal cord and remove bone spur at Addenbrooke's in 1984 aged 3. Developed 'pes cavus' and weakness in legs, various foot surgeries between '92 and '94. Decompression of spinal cord, hemivertebrectomy and fusion L2-L4 with instrumentation by Mr Crawford and Mr Laing (neurosurgeon) in 1998 aged 17. Had two stage anterior-posterior T10 to pelvis fusion surgery on 27th February 2012 at NNUH by Mr Crawford and Mr Lutchman. Fused well but now curving over top of fusion, so facing fusion extension up to T1. Trying a brace first in order to put off surgery til next year
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