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Default Re: Went To Scoliosis Sos Today

Originally Posted by mark View Post
Sorry if this has already been mentioned but have you tried looking into core stability exercises or the Alexander Technique. If you search for Alexander Technique you may find some useful info

I am sure carold uses this technique and is very knowledgable about it

Thanks Mark - this gives me a perfect excuse for doing my hard sell on the Alexander Technique

Seriously Sue - I have found the Alexander Technique to be very helpful in pain management. It has improved my posture so I put as little strain as possible on my wonky spine and pelvis. I've actually gained an inch in height since taking AT lessons because I'm not 'squashing' my spine the way I used to - I've learned how to stand taller and move in a way that puts least strain on my body. Someone told me recently that I walk 'like a ballet dancer' - and as someone who always felt incredibly clumsy and awkward, I'm really enjoying this new feeling of being able to move more gracefully

It has also helped me deal with pain on a psychological level - it teaches you how to 'let go' of muscle tension so your body naturally comes into a better alignment. So instead of thinking about the painful area and getting annoyed or upset about it (which just causes your tight muscles to tighten further), you learn how to accept the pain and 'let it go'.... I know this sounds really new-agey and waffly, but I promise it does help! I suppose its allied to things like self-hypnosis and meditation in that way. It doesn't always work of course - there are times when I'm lying there, doing my deep breathing and thinking about everything being relaxed and trying to let go - but there's this wee voice in my head going 'it hurts, I don't like it, its not fair!!!' but if I can get that voice to shut up, I can sometimes make myself feel better!

There is some really useful information and links to teachers in the UK at this site:

Just let me know if you want any more information - I'm only to happy to go on (and on and on and on and on!!!) about AT
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