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Default Re: Went To Scoliosis Sos Today

Ahh Sue, don't think that about your pain, i think its hard for people who do live with the pain we do to comprehend just how debilitating it is. They see us walking, talking, laughing running etc and think well they look all right so they all right and i think if we are told often enough that there is nothing that can be done for us and just get on with our lives we start to doubt ourselves

I am sorry that you are in the inbetween area where surgery is out of the question but you still suffer (not that surgery is a guarentee of no more pain).

I wish there was something more productive i could say or advice to give you. Sorry if this has already been mentioned but have you tried looking into core stability exercises or the Alexander Technique. If you search for Alexander Technique you may find some useful info

I am sure carold uses this technique and is very knowledgable about it

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