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Default Re: Went To Scoliosis Sos Today

I can't believe how 'kind' you all are with your diligent replies - thank you once again x I will take on board everything you have said, unfortunately I am not in the Oswestry area.

I dont feel it's pinched nerves, everyone I've seen, talks about a 'spasm' I describe the pain like that of a 'stitch' that is relentless. However I shall perhaps seek out a 'pain clinic' I do know of one near to where I live, my GP has suggested I try it, so did the Physio Consultant, my other problem is I hate bothering people and feel that there are so many people far worse than me, so I feel a nuisance. You'd think at my age I'd be over all that, (a case of old dog -new tricks eh?)
Thank you so much once again Tonibunny
I hope that I will be able to have an opportunity to support someone
Regards Sue T
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