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Default Re: Went To Scoliosis Sos Today

Thank you Toni for taking the time to reply.
I was signed off from my last consultant because he could not go any further regarding my pain pre SOS, hence
I don't see one anymore,I feel I've gone as far as I can with them. I have been offered op's and more braces/corsets- but having spent 5/6 years of my teen years in such things,and ,yes, they really helped me in those growing years. This was my reason for searching for something alternative and I found it and it certainly works for me, but, at the same time I think the exercise have triggered this pain in my Lat.D.muscle - I been back to the clinic several times and had my exercises revised but the pain is still oncoming (bit of a catch 22?) I thought that perhaps it would ease but its been over a year now, hence my visits to chiros etc. everyone wants to help but unfortunately don't seem to!
I'm very happy to work at it because now I feel the way for pain relief,for me, is exercise and I am trying to work through it! That's why I wondered if anyone in the forum
had any ideas?
You ask about any consultants I have seen Toni? I would imagine the names would mean nothing to anyone as I should think they have all passed away, I was very blessed to have seen someone who was top of the field in scoliosis at the time,dare I say in the 1950s - a Mr Griffiths from Manchester Royal he also had a big interest in a place in Owestry! Thank you for reading this.
Regards Su T x
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