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Default Re: Went To Scoliosis Sos Today

Originally Posted by mark View Post
Hi Sue

Sorry if i came accross as sarcastic that was not my attention, i sometimes don't think before i write and i very rarely read them back

I'm pleased you have found a way to take charge of your scoliosis and you have had a positive experience with this clinic

Its just we have had an awful lot of discussions with this clinic who's owner pops up every know and again with a thread advertising her services and when asked a few questions ignores them all, which is that persons right as an individual but it did smack of blatant advertising and that is something that this site does not tolerate or accept

I hope you manage to control your pain through exercise and if you get any correction to your curve then that is a bonus, you are more than welcome here and i hope we can support you through any rough times you may have

Sorry once again if i came accross all arsey


No worries Mark I have to admit that I was rather taken aback by your reply- however after your next reply to my explanation- I do understand thank you for your apology tho' you needn't have done that but thankyou and I accept with 'grace' (whoever she is???).
I really would like to point out that I am not a P.R. for the SOS Clinic. I just wanted to share my success with all of you SSO members, because I thought that it may help someone out there! I would also like to say that I would still advocate stronglyto anyone with scoliosis or a similar condition to seek out NHS expert advice at all times.
I had big discussions with my GP before committing to the SOS course and I was very sceptical that I would get anything from going, (I am a six hour drive away from Suffolk) also, would I actually be able to do the exercises or complete the course?
However I did mention in my original letter, that it was not without it's problems for me. Without going into too much detail and becoming 'a pain-in-the-back' - basically I have damaged my Latissimus Dorsi muscle (think I may have 'overstretched 'myself!ha! ha!) Any advice from anyone PLEASE? xx
Have been to osteopaths/chiropractors tried Bowen and also had a new xray and scan via a NHS physio consultant, who, incidently was wery impressed with the changes in my back.
Many thanks for bearing with me
Regards Sue T x
(would 'love' to use one of those 'smiley' things for all of you but I can't seem to work out how I can do that Yet)
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