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Default Re: Went To Scoliosis Sos Today

Ive been to Scoliosis SOS and can only echo post above. It helped enormously with pain and my posture's a bit better too.
Its interesting because at the moment I cant do my prescribed exercises (because I've had a minor operation), and I can REALLY feel the difference. My back is aching and creaking (yes creaking!) all the time! It doesn't do that when I'm doing the exercises regularly.
I find fitting in the prescribed amount of exercises (30 mins for most people but 45 mins for me ) into daily life difficult as I work long hours, but now I know what its like to be without them, I am looking forward to getting back into them.
I think its good to be open minded to all types of treatment, including surgery, so go with whatever feels best for you.
Good luck.
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