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Smile Re: Went To Scoliosis Sos Today

Originally Posted by aqz View Post
Hi all,

i went to the clinic today in london,i must say it seems very positive.I know even though they cannot give exact measuremet,but they do have some experience obviously.According to him my curve does not seem severe but hey i still wanna know for sure from an expert.Has anyone tried this clinic and how was it for them.
Hello aqz
I've only just joined sso today (I'm a bit of a techniphobe so hope you'll all bear with me) It's probably due to being an 'oldie'.
I wanted to let you know that I have idopathic scoliosis- discovered when I was about 8years old- I am now 61years
of age(but a VERY young 61 year old!!!)
I've had all sorts of treatment throughtout my life- I have not allowed it to stop me from doing whatever I have set my mind at doing. I am married to a wonderful husband - who has been extremely patient when I've moaned about my back.
I discovered the SOS clinic in Suffolk (they've since opened up in London) and I really wished I had discovered the place when I was younger!
I have got my life back- 'though it's not without it's problems, I still have a few aches and pains but I am able to deal with them in my own way.
The exercises I was taught to do were 'bazaar' to say the least, but, what a difference, what an investment for me. Hard work, wonderful physios and on my return home (I was away for 4 weeks) so many people noticed such a transformation in my posture, I felt heaps better in myself- my breathing has improved, I was told I looked younger(I need that at my age) My mum proclaimed it a 'miracle'.
I now have my own little gym and have to exercise for 35mins everyday. Yes, it cost a lot of money and equipment had to be bought etc - but it was about the price people pay for a membership for joining a gym and I have my own private one at homefor the rest of my life!
I made new friends who understand exactly how I feel, I discovered a 'new' understanding of my condition- even after all these years, I actually gained a new found confidence and I am able to stand far straighter than I've been able to for years and for longer (without pain).
I am in control of my back instead of it controlling me!
I would also like to add that I think that all the advice that is and has been offered to you is wonderful and so supportive and I would say don't close any doors, there is so much more information out there, wish I'd had the opportunities when my scoliosis was discovered.
Would like to think that I've been of some help to you and perhaps somebody else out there!
By the way I've been offered operations on several occasion and I 'm really pleased that I've always turned it them down- I've worn plaster jackets-plastic jackets and a milwalkee(hated them).As I 've got older my pain was getting worse SOoo for me the BEST remedy has been the SOS clinic Erica Maude the founder (only about 21yrs now?) has scoliosis!
Good Luck
and remember you are not alone- it seems there are loads of us Su T x
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