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Default Re: Went To Scoliosis Sos Today

Hi Angie

I don't think anyone is getting at one paticular clinic, in fact far from it every form of therapy has its place and i would not knock anyone for what ever way they choose to go

In this horrible painful life we lead we need to explore all options, i don't know whether Simon has had a bad experience of this clinic or not, or he knows someone who has i have heard mixed reviews and would not like to comment on them. I have had my say in the past and reading back my comments is hard because i was less than gracious.

in my post i just wanted to bring to aqz attention that there are many other alternative clinics out there alongside the traditional NHS route

Pain is a horrible thing to have to deal with, i don't know where about in the world you are (sorry i should have looked) but here in the UK we have the NHS which is free at point of contact (i know we pay for it in taxes) but at point of contact it is free

Now these alternative clinics cost a lot of money and its great to read reports from people who use them because it could save someone a small fortune' I know some of these therapies cost upward of 4 thousand pounds, now that kind of money is hard for the most stable of households to find so it is nice to read experiences from people who have used these clinics

The paticular clinic referred to has had some mixed reviews so maybe Simon has had or knows someone who has had a bad experience

I am sorry to read that you have so much pain, i can truly sympathise with you

I hope all that makes some kind of sense i am doped up on painkillers and its late
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