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Default Re: Went To Scoliosis Sos Today

Originally Posted by Simon View Post
Am going to be a bit blunt mate ... if you have the cash for a lets say a clinic that we have strong threads on ...SOS .. why spend the money on that first if you have the money go down the route that toni and mark and every other member has said and i will say it also phone up mr tuckers sec and self refreal to see him .. hes the best in the ountry in my eyes and he will tell you actuall whats next .. byall means ask about the clinic but at least you will get your cobb angled mesured probally have the best advice in the up .... paying money to them is a waste of time belive me .. do you really want to do excisies 23 hours a day .. or see some that knows best and will be cheper that going the clinic i know what i and a lot of member would choose .. good luck anyway
I don't want to interfere, but for someone who has a curve that is not large enough for surgery but is in a lot of pain - what other options are there besides alternative therapies? What will a scoliosis surgeon do for someone who doesn't need surgery? In Canada a scoliosis surgeon won't even see an adult whose curve is less than 50 degrees - because all they do is surgery.

Is it just this Scoliosis SOS that is so terrible, or all alternative therapies? I don't know anything about SOS because I am fairly certain we don't have it here.

I'm just asking because I'm in a similar boat - moderate curve, lots of pain, absolutely NO medical options.
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