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Default Re: Went To Scoliosis Sos Today

Nice one you sound like you have it all under control, as well as scoliosis sos i would also look at Schroth (true schroth not a hybrid) a clinic has opened in London and the Alexander Technique you can find AT if you google it

If you are thinking of going down the alternative therapy route then you do have a number of options available to you

Take your time before deciding, about the only good thing this curse we all have is the ability to take a little time to decide what we want and what is best for us

Mind dont take months deciding but you do not have to make any decisions over night and if we can save you a few pennies then in this current financial climate, well that has be good doesn't it

If you want my advice i would not look into claims about how good a treatment is i would look for published documents supporting those claims and try to get it on the NHS that will save you even more pounds

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