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Default Re: Things you CAN do with a fused spine

This thread was a very good idea,i do sometimes get down when i find some things (mobility wise) a struggle,but i do get there eventually the majority of the time!

Age: 16
Instrumentated and fusion T2-L3,with titanium rods and screws,and im about 5-6 months post op! <<(OMG!)

Things i've done since surgery:
Swimming,pyshiotherapy,yoga,hip-hop dancing,climbed up nearly a whole mountain in the snow(!),shopping,apperently i have excellent flexation at the hips at 90 degrees (my surgeons words!)! And i try do p:e,but its really hard to run and other bits and bobs,but i can do tennis,bagminteon,netball and so on ..
Also i did work experience in a montesorri and had to lift a few kids of about 3-4 years old!

Quick Question:
Regarding swimming does anyone have difficulty with front stroke,because i find it really uncomfortable and my arms sorta lock when i attempt it?!!?
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