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Default Re: Things you CAN do with a fused spine

Hiya i dont mind telling my age its 38 oh it doesnt sound so bad if i say it quickly! any way i have a fused spine obviously or i wouldnt be on this forum, i had mine done in 19.86 at the age of 14 and because of problems with a few vertabraes (not sure if i spelt right!)i have been fused in an "S" shape but before surgery i was a "Z"shape,

i have a Harrington rod fitted too and was told i would be left with a very stiff back for life,and yes its stiff but i cope as many of us do we just adapt,as for things i can do i can just about manage a short ride on my bike not far but its an achievment i suppose,

walk for longer than i used to as i feel the more walking the easier it gets,dance aswell if no twisting oh did i mention put my own footwear on! its a big deal to me that i have learnt to manage it!,

so having our spine fused doesnt mean the end for us it means a start of a different life with some limits.
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