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Default Re: Things you CAN do with a fused spine

Originally Posted by Joy View Post
Age: 20, 7 years post-op
Instrumentation: CD
Fusion: T2-L1
Activities: Since surgery, I have show-jumped, sailed, played soccer, run cross-country, travelled, worked outdoors, waitressed, and lots of other things. I can do pretty much whatever I want. I can also bend over and touch my toes.
YOU CAN BEND AND TOUCH YOUR TOES!?!?! You have more fusion than me and I can't! Well I can if I bend at the knee! haha

Running.. ya forgot running.. I can do that.
Swimming is completely the same.. though I find I can't float anymore.. I sink. hahhaa
Dx '06 adolescent idiopathic kyphoscoliosis T6-T11 upper 40 deg T12-L4 low 35 deg. TLSO brace for 18 mo. surgery '08 upper 28 deg. low 31deg. Had lamenectomy with decompression done 6/5/13 on L4,
L5, S1. Also have
osteoarthritisis, spinal stenosis, and DDD all in lumbar spine...
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