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Default Re: Things you CAN do with a fused spine

Originally Posted by tonibunny View Post
Jen! Kayaking is something I'd love to try, I have friends who are instructors. I worried that I might have trouble flipping myself up again when I capsized though. Are you still able to do that despite being fused to the pelvis?
Tonibunny, so far I have not capsized. I did prior to surgery and was able to flip the kayak back up and clamber in. I am fairly sure I would not be able to do that now. My partner insists I wear a life jacket now and we only use the double kayak, so if we flip, I head for shore, while he takes care of the kayak. We don't sea-kayak, only rivers and lakes, for which we're spoilt for choice, around here. It's not difficult to kayak, and being fused seems to have made no difference. I'd definitely recommend it. It's a great pastime!
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