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Default Re: Things you CAN do with a fused spine

2 years post surgery I am finally getting a life back.

My fusion length: T5 - T11
My instrumentation: 2 stainless steel rods 7 inches long, 3 hooks, and 9 pedicle screws.

I am doing, hiking, pleasure horseback riding, competing horseback riding (barrel racing, reining/cutting). Swimming (laps... latest time was 18 seconds for one long lap!) I do all kinds of stuff.. pretty much like normal.
Dx '06 adolescent idiopathic kyphoscoliosis T6-T11 upper 40 deg T12-L4 low 35 deg. TLSO brace for 18 mo. surgery '08 upper 28 deg. low 31deg. Had lamenectomy with decompression done 6/5/13 on L4,
L5, S1. Also have
osteoarthritisis, spinal stenosis, and DDD all in lumbar spine...
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