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Default Re: Things you CAN do with a fused spine

I'm quite limited in what I can do now, but that's not really to do with the fact I've got a fusion - when I eventually get as far as a revision surgery which fuses me to the sacrum, I expect to be back to being considerably more active and able again.

My original surgery was:
Fusion length: T10-L2
Instrumentation: anterior rod T12-L2, Hartshill rectangle T10-L2

After recovering from this, I used to routinely walk up to 100 miles per week (and yes, I do mean 100!), clambered all over cliffs and up hills and over rock formations round Cornwall, and took up body building. I also played quite a bit of badminton when I had the chance.

After my revision surgery which helped to re-balance my spine (due to an imbalance which does not occur with modern surgeries done by properly trained specialists), I was able to return to body building for a while. I've got issues now, but that's still stuff related to the original surgery which was done by a non-specialist rather than being related to being fused in general.
Diagnosed at 15 with 50 curve, but probably juvenile IS. Fused in kyphosis (by non-specialised ortho) with a/p surgery T10-L2 @ 21, posterior only revision surgery to correct kyphosis @ 29. Now 38 with further revision surgery and extension of fusion to sacrum required to correct residual kyphosis, restore lordosis and address spinal stenosis.
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