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Default Re: Your First Experience of Hospital

Hi i'm 16 and just had kyphosis surgery 2 months ago. I actually am having my 3rd surgery tomorrow because my incision completely broke open.

1) Well I was in peds but whenever I was having trouble, a child life specialist came and helped me through it. There were times when I was panicking, but the specialist really helped me.

2)I don't know about this one because I was fine the night before. I assume you can be prescribed something.

3)When you get the IV, you are given "happy juice" right before you are rolled into surgery. They did this for every spine surgery I've had. It makes you feel really wacked out lol.

4) After the major spinal fusion, more than likely you won't eat for a good couple days. If you are feeling that sick that you can't keep food down, they might change the narcotic. I literally didn't eat for a good 5 days. You can't eat/drink until your stomach "wakes up".

5) I never had an oxygen mask, it was always that little tuby thing that went in your nose. I think I did when I first woke up, but I can't really remember. You are sooooo out of it for the first day.

6)You won't get what you want unless you speak up! I remember the nurses would sometimes be over 20 min late to give me my scheduled meds!!! Soo you just keep calling and calling lol.

Some things that really helped me were to bring something familiar from home, bring chap stick, some light facial pads to clean your face, and bring your laptop! (if you have one)
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