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Default Re: Your First Experience of Hospital

As a child, I was very accident prone, and often landed myself in A&E with accidents such as splitting my chin, and lip open, breaking my wrist, fingers, getting an earring lodged right in my ear, and various objects suck up my nose! On top of this, I had minor surgery on my ears when I was five. So I do have quite comprehensive experience of the hospital environment. However, going in for scoliosis surgery was quite different experience. I remember saying to my mum about how strange it felt lying in a hospital bed when I wasn't sick or ill in any way (as I went in the night before).

Random little things I picked up on where:
1) You need to get used to various professionals asking about your bowel movements (constantly!)
2) You have a right to ask to see your surgeon/consultant if you don't think anything is right
3) Get used to filling in a lot of forms (if you are over 18) I signed my name quite a lot the night before
4) If you feel you cannot sleep the night before, you can ask for something to help you sleep. It is better for your body to be well rested the night before, despite the fact that you will be sleeping a mere few hours later
5) Make friends with the anaesthestist - he/she is the shizz ... (as is the pharmacist, and the pain team). Prior to the surgery you can request the type of pain medication you would like. I had an epidural for pain relief, which worked quite well for the first few days.

That is all I can think of for now ...
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