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Default Re: Your First Experience of Hospital

This has been said on here before, but I just want to reiterate the importance of asking for help from the nurses/doctors in the hospital.

If you're in pain, let them know. Ask for painkillers, muscle relaxers anything they'll give you. If they're hesitant, beg if you need it. While most of my nurses were wonderful, I had one one night who would fight me on giving me meds, and I felt AWFUL. I begged for it and pushed the call button constantly until I got what I needed. None of the other nurses were that way.

If you need anything at all, ask for it. Most of the people there want you to be as comfortable as possible. I was amazed at how nice the staff was. I had one nurse who would pop in every day to see if I needed my hair braided or more ice or if I needed her to help me clean up or anything at all.

Also, when you get out of the hospital, let your doctor know if the pain meds and schedule they give you do not work for you. I was having a lot of muscle spasms that were unbearable. I never imagined it would be like it was. I lived with it for almost two days before I sent all the patient coordinators at my surgeon's office the same desperate e-mail pleading for help! My surgeon upped the number of times I could take the spasm meds and got onto me for not telling him sooner that I needed help. Other suggestions from him:

1. Using a heating pad with a timer or a hot water bottle (nothing that doesn't cool down over time since you can't really feel anything for a while and you don't want burn yourself) for 15 or 20 minutes when waking up.

2. Use an iced gel pack (an actual ice pack may poke you, which is bad if applying to a wound) wrapped in a towel (never directly against your skin) if you're having spasms. Put it on for 15 minutes on the spasmed area then take it off for 15 minutes and then back on again and so on until the spasms are gone.

3. It is ok to lay down! I was under the impression that I had to spend all day sitting upright or walking. Take time in each position. Lay down for an hour, sit for an hour, walk for an hour. Constantly switching around really helped me. In fact, timing things out helped me as it gave me something to focus on other than the pain.

If you have any questions, ask someone on here. My surgery was in January. I'm not well yet, still recovering, but it's better than it was!
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