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Default Re: Your First Experience of Hospital

Originally Posted by alison1407 View Post
When i had my surgery aged 16 i had never been in hospital before for anything so it was all very daunting. I do remember getting everything done for me by the medical staff and never had to request anything special for the entire time i was in hospital. I dont think i had pre med though by the sounds of it, but i managed ok without it (partly because i probably didnt know it existed!)

I wish the internet was more widespread back then and that i could have come to you guys for support leading up to surgery and along the "journey".
Oh I totally agree with your last statement - this site would have been amazing if it was around 10 years ago as I could have really done with the support. I had a few friends who would visit occasionally, but it was mostly just me and my mum, and at times (love her as I do) she drove me bonkers!

Getting back to the title of this thread, my one piece of advice is to ASK QUESTIONS, and don't ever feel like you can't, whether you're dealing with a doctor, a nurse, or any other healthcare professional - it is their job to keep you informed. They might be highly trained and know what they're talking about in clinical terms, but they are human beings, just like us patients are, so don't feel intimidated by them. If there's ever anything you're unsure of (medication, medical procedures, hygiene - anything) ask someone to explain things to you - there is nothing worse than feeling like you're being kept in the dark about something, as you're at your most vulnerable when in hospital (especially after the kind of surgery some of us have been through) I learned all this the hard way, so i'm speaking from experience!

Having to go into hospital shouldn't be an unpleasant experience. Yes, there will be pain and it's a weird environment to get your head round (although like a few people on here, I don't actually remember my first hospital stay as I was a baby ) but there's all sorts of things they can do to make things more comfortable.

Ooh one final thing - as nerve-racking as having an operation is, try not to think that it's bound to be a horrendous experience - more often than not things turn out to be better than you feared, so if you try to keep a positive mindset (or at least an open mind) you may very well find yourself saying 'well that was not as bad as I thought it was going to be'.
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