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Default Re: What to take to hospital - suggestions please!

when i was in hospital, i took a suitcases full of books, magazines, crayons, nintendo ds, game boy etc.
but i didn't end up using any of them!!
it was my mum who sat hour after hour reading and playing whilst i was sleepin!!!
i had five days in high dependancy so I didn't feel like doing much and when eventually i moved on to the ward, there was a good old telly for me to watch.

one bit of advice is to make sure you have got lots of pillows at home to support your back, (I still have 4 in my bed now and that is 12 weeks later) i wish i had one of those beds in hospital that i could move up and down!!

when i was in hospital i wanted something nice to drink rather than water or strong tea!! so maybe take some favourite drinks in with you, my favourite was capri sun!!

hope this helps
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