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Default Re: Scoliosis Consultants in USA, Canada and Australia

For anyone in Australia, my trusted surgeon is

Dr. Geoff N. Askin
Mater Private Clinic
550 Stanley Street
Suite 1, Level 5
Brisbane, QLD 4101
Phone: +61 7 3010 3324

The SRS lists his specialities as: Adolescent, Adult Scoliosis, Aging Spine, Degenerative Conditions, Juvenile/Infantile

This is my first surgery with Dr. Askin, but the 2 previous fusions were done by the surgeon who trained him (Dr. Bill Ryan, who was very well respected but retired now). Dr. Ryan thankfully got Dr. Askin to take me on. He is extremely thoughtful both in his patient/bedside care & planning surgery. And, importantly, my other assorted surgeons are usually very pleased that it's Dr. Askin who will be working on me. He is absolutely honest about the risks with this surgery for me but he has given me hope.
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