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Default Re: What to take to hospital - suggestions please!

My son was 15 when he had his two operations last year and we were both in Stanmore for about 3 weeks...

My suggestions would be:
1 - preparing at home - Get them to think about what they can take such as music, games etc, books. Make sure their mobile has all the numbers they need. Esp don't forget the chargers to all their gadgets.

I also took blue tack as I knew he'd get lots of cards.... and I also used to make him smile by making rudey models with it, like bottoms, just before the consultants came round lol That worked better than the morphine!

2 - clothing and toiletries- Baggy t-shirts for over a brace. If you want to wear a vest under then a close fit is better.
Jogging bottoms are best for geting dressed. Loose pants etc.
Dry shampoo if they are going to be on their backs a while. They can have their hair washed but my son didn't want that until he was up and about.... but then he is a boy.
Some nice baby bath for washing.

For me I'd say take a few luxuries if you can. Like a nice body cream as the water there is very hard and my skin got so dry.

Nice fluffy towels. They provide you with some but they are not nice.

A pillow! - I loved my extra pillow.

Perhaps a nice throw or blanket as you get one sheet and a waffle blanket (though you can pinch more from the ward) as my room was either quite cold or hot. If I had the radiator on I had to watch my hands as the campbed head was up against it....ouch!

Labels and a good pen! - For labelling your food in the parents kitchen.

3 - home comforts (e.g. things to keep you occupied!)

Books. I took a couple but had to keep going to the shop in outaptients for more. My paperbacks stacked over 18inches high when I came home, and I read them all!

Plenty of change for the machines, ie food, washer & dryer etc.

I also took some Bold 2in1 liquitabs for laundry.

I took a lovely lavendar pillow/room mist to make my little cell feel a bit more like home.

4 - getting home and getting back to normal
A grabber - the OT's recommend you buy one, and we did, but he never used it, just bent at the knees.
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