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Default Re: im having a opperation

Hi Chantelle,

Sorry for the delay in replying, I have only just read your message.

Are you sure you are having a growth rod inserted rather than spinal fusion? I only ask because we expect Maddy to have spinal fusion around the age of 11. But if they expect you to do a lot more growing then I suppose they would use a growth rod for a while.

With this op the pain felt is different for each patient. They do have fantastic pain relief though and you will have a button to press for more shots of morphine when you need it. And don't worry it is set so that you can't overdose yourself!

I won't pretend that the first few days are easy because they are not, but as soon as they are over the progress is fast and you should be home between one and two weeks later. Although she was only seven when it was done (and she is a complete drama queen!) Maddy says she is glad she had it done.

She has the rod lengthened every 6 months and this requires just one night in hospital.

It must be scary for you to have to face this op but all the kids I've heard of having it done have all done really well. The risks of damage to your spinal cord are tiny (less than 1% I think). There is a risk that the rod can break (6%) during the whole time you have it, but this is not that serious but it will obviously need to be replaced.

When is your op?

Rachie x
Mum to Maddy aged 14. Maddy is a patient at Great Ormond Street Hospital and had a growth rod inserted in November 2007. In March 2011 the growth rod was removed because the curve became too strong. In May 2011 Maddy had anterior release, 2 weeks traction on a Stryker Frame and then spinal fusion.
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